It’s A Mini Jam!

Mini Jam is hosted every other week, lasts 72 hours, and has new themes and limitations each time.

This website is currently being renovated and may not be updated regularly. For regular updates, join the official Discord Server!

About Mini Jam

Mini jam is an open studio game jam for independent game developers which is hosted every other week on and lasts 72 hours.

What makes it different from other game jams? Aside from a theme that is decided by the staff, a limitation is voted on by the community which gives a simple restriction on creating the game – this is a fun way to exercise creativity and challenge the ingenuity of game developers to create even more unique games!

Mini Jam has grown since it’s inception on May 4, 2018, to host a community of over 3000 people!

Please read and follow all the Community Guidelines for Mini Jam. Following the rules, makes sure that everyone has a great experience with Mini Jam. Thank you for being awesome and following the rules!

Our Partners

This serves as a chat and community for Ludum Dare, an event where game developers spend a weekend having fun, making video games, and sharing their work with other developers.

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